An upcoming and prominent player in the financial services industry, ‘Fintrex Finance Limited’ received the prestigious certification of being a ‘Great Workplace’ in March 2021 by renowned ‘Great Place to Work®’, the global authority on workplace culture assessment. The certification is highly commendable considering that the Company achieved it during challenging times post the Easter bombings in April 2019 and the global pandemic that took over the world in 2020. The General Manager/CEO Mr Jayathilake Bandara  had this to say about the achievement – “It is indeed an honour to be recognized as one of the best workplaces in Sri Lanka. This achievement, amidst a very challenging time is a clear indication that we are on the path towards providing exceptional financial services while creating a progressive and approachable place to work for all our employees who in turn provide flawless levels of service”

A key focus of the Company has always been to provide its customers with unique financial propositions, easier and affordable access to financial solutions while enhancing its level of customer service to establish and retain long standing, credible relationships with its customers. This was made possible by the dedicated team at ‘Fintrex’ who provided the support structure towards achieving a sizeable market share since inception. A big part of this value addition stemmed from the Company’s Human Resource team which has always adopted an employee centric approach when implementing strategic initiatives to support its workforce. As testimony, this has proved beneficial once again with the Great Place to work certification.

The effects of the pandemic that disrupted multiple industries and businesses locally also presented ‘Fintrex’ with a test of its resilience which the Company was able to navigate efficiently owing to a strong balance sheet and the support of its workforce. This allowed ‘Fintrex’ to experience an upward growth trajectory amidst the challenges while being in compliance with core capital requirements stipulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The holistic approach to conducting business has proved to be beneficial to the Company as a whole while helping it stay poised to grow its financial position further.

‘Fintrex’ adopted a virtual system of working from home for all of its employees while ensuring that remuneration was not affected at any level. Multiple motivational programs were initiated to ensure positive staff morale of which the ‘We Care For You’ and ‘Buddy’ program were implemented to help employees connect with one another island wide. With the need to conduct business in the context of a new working environment amidst the pandemic, ‘Fintrex’ made a conscious decision to continue with its workforce training at an operational and non-operational level to keep its staff engaged, educated and aware. Training to support the female workforce was also emphasized upon as a much-needed initiative. In line with the policies and guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, ‘Fintrex’ stepped up by providing financial relief to many of its customers all of which was monitored and supervised.

The Great Place to Work® certification used employee feedback via an assessment process based upon their perceptions of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie within the organization. As such, the status achieved is clearly a positive reflection of how the workforce of ‘Fintrex’ views their workplace. We recognize that our people are the lifeline of our business and the foundation to helping the Company grow since its inception in 2018. We aim to provide an inclusive work environment, one that is free from discrimination while helping our employees become better at what they do and better versions of themselves. With prominent corporate personalities leading the Company, the significant years of business experience and commercial acumen that they have brought to the table has undoubtedly served to establish ‘Fintrex’ as a stable and credible financial institution while undoubtedly being a Great workplace. 

Owned by ‘Bluestone 1 (Pvt) Limited’ a consortium of world class investors, ‘Fintrex Finance Limited’ is majority owned by global insurance giant Fairfax Holdings (70% stake) with MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd and Hirdaramani Group of Companies holding a combined share of 24%. The remaining ownership is held by leading corporate personalities Mr. Ajit Gunewardene, our Chairman together with Directors Mr. Ronnie Peiris, and Mr. Shantanu Nagpal.  While our investors are represented on the Board of the Company, Messrs Mahendra Galgamuwa, Shivan Coorey, Keith Bernard and Ms Shivanthi Atukorale, all of whom are strong reputed business personalities within the Financial Services industry, serve as Independent Directors of the Company.

A trusted name in business, diversified Sri Lankan blue chip ‘Melstacorp PLC’ divested its 100% stake, in what was originally ‘Melsta Regal Finance Ltd’ to a consortium of reputed investors in April 2018. As a result, this institution which was subsequently renamed ‘Fintrex Finance Limited’ in September 2018 gained a strong platform on which to forge ahead and pursue its corporate goals.

The brand ‘Fintrex’ was derived from two key parameters of financial entrepreneurship and expertise which represents a powerful combination that sets the Company apart from the rest. This new identity reflects the team’s potential to maximize efforts while unlocking significant value for its customers and setting the stage for bias for action, speed and agility.