Fintrex launches "OVER DRIVE" : the optimum Revolving Draft Facility for Business Enterprises


Fintrex Finance recently launched their latest innovative financial product "Fintrex OVER DRIVE" specially designed for the business community which facilitates revolving financing for working capital requirements of businesses. This novel product was launched to cater to the financing needs of the customers, offering flexible funds to manage cash flow, take advantage of timely bargains, meeting unexpected emergencies and much more, all with just a one-time application.  

This facility is available for all types of businesses for a tenor of 12months, against the motor vehicles registered under the customer’s name.  

The borrower is charged interest only for the withdrawal amount which is very much similar to a bank overdraft facility. This feature of built-in flexibility and convenience is what gives the revolver its main advantage. As for its outstanding balance, a business can have the option to pay the entire amount at once or simply meet monthly interest payments.