Fintrex Finance Assists Rural Schools through CSR

Fintrex Finance Limited, perceiving quality education as a key driver of sustainable development in Sri Lanka initiated its Schools Empowerment Programme as a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through the programme, the Company has sought to identify and establish long-term, supportive relationships with schools in remote areas that require urgent assistance.

As part of this ongoing programme, Fintrex established a complete drinking water supply system at Anuradhapura/ Padaviya Mahasenpura Maha Vidyalaya, recently. The Company also fully refurbished the library at the school and donated stationery and reading material for the use of the school children.

Mr Wijayasooriya, the school principal commented at the opening ceremony, “we extend our heartiest gratitude to Fintrex Finance for coming forward to fulfill a burning need of our school, where our children were finding it very difficult to access purified drinking water at the school premises. The Company was very prompt in assisting us with our requirement and within a very short span of time we have been blessed with a complete drinking water supply system with uninterrupted water supply within the school premises”

He also added, “it is with great pleasure that I acknowledge the Company’s valuable contribution towards fully renovating our school library. It has a very encouraging student-friendly atmosphere now and the donation of books and reading material motivates our children to read more, as they now have access to a wider knowledge base”

The majority of the parents of these students are farmers and local craftspeople whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by the harsh weather and socio-economic conditions that these areas have recently experienced. Mr Sanjeewa Buwanekabahu, Head of HR and Administration during his speech mentioned: “There is no greater gift than that of a good education and this is what motivated us to start this programme. Also, water is the base of our human body and purified drinking water is an essence for growing children especially for Padaviya area that non purified water has caused several health issues. Progress is learning and learning is progress and we’re grateful to have been able to contribute to this effort and are looking for ways in which we can do more.”