Fintrex Finance Limited' is owned by Bluestone 1 (Pvt) Limited, with representation on the Board by Mr. Ajit Gunewardene as Chairman, along with Mr. Ronnie Peiris and Mr. Shantanu Nagpal, all of whom have well-established track records.

Fintrex was formerly known as Melsta Regal Finance Ltd and was a fully owned subsidiary of Melstacorp PLC. The ownership moved from a trusted Sri Lankan conglomerate to another trusted multinational giving Fintrex the continued strength to forge ahead and pursue its corporate goals.

The name Fintrex is coined from the words ‘financial entrepreneurs’ and ‘experts’. It speaks to the powerful combination that sets the company apart from the rest. The new brand identity reflects the team’s potential to maximize efforts and unlock value for customers. It signals a clear bias for action, speed and agility.

The company leadership focuses on ensuring that the company adopts best trade practices and encourages its employees to be the best in what they do. To this end, much emphasis is given to training and developing talent to be equipped with the required technical knowledge and skill to compete in a dynamic and competitive environment.

The future road map for Fintrex is to embrace technology in order to improve efficiencies and cater to the emerging business transaction trends and expectations of modern clients. Through digitalization, Fintrex also aims to minimize its impact on depleting natural resources and ensure that the operations are environmentally sustainable.