Fintrex Finance Recognized as a “Great Place to Work” for the Second Consecutive Year


A forerunner in the financial sector, Fintrex Finance has been recognized as ‘A Great Place to Work’ for the second consecutive year, by the global work place culture assessment authority ‘Great Place to Work R. The award is commendable considering that the Company achieved it during challenging times in the backdrop of a global pandemic since 2020 and the economic downturn that followed.

The Assistant General Manager/ Head of Human Resources and Administration at Fintrex Finance, Mr. Sanjeewa Buwanakabahu stated: “Fintrex Finance’s vision and its initiatives for its people has always been to create a conducive work space where its employees feel a strong sense of belonging whilst enjoying their roles and responsibilities. As a unique modern employer, we optimize on the dynamism that lies within the generation mix and we have successfully facilitated the same in our organization which works for the best of the company blending youth and new skills with the maturity, experience and wisdom of the senior generation.

This approach has been the primary reason behind the success of Fintrex leading to respect at work place, unity and trust among the employees and towards the organization. These HR initiatives and strategies implemented with transparency and clear communication lines between the employees and the Management are a collaborative effort which has undoubtedly contributed towards achieving this international award. ‘Fintrex’ is increasingly becoming popular among job seekers looking for professional and career development.”

Based upon the five elements of ‘Credibility’, ‘Respect’ ‘Fairness’, ‘Pride’ and ‘Camaraderie’, the certification process applies Trust Index Survey and the Culture Audit Management Questionnaire which assesses existing people practices based on fifteen key parameters. With significant commitment, Fintrex Finance was able to fulfill the required criteria and secure its status of being a Great Place to Work.

The Chief Executive Officer of ‘Fintrex Finance’ Mr. Jayathilake Bandara says “It is indeed an honour to be recognized as one of the best workplaces in Sri Lanka. This consecutive achievement, amidst a very challenging time is a clear indication that the company has specialized in providing financial service supported by a strong and stable environment as well as a progressive career path for its entire workforce.”

The employees of Fintrex are enthusiastic about their purpose thanks to a learning and growth culture that is supported by multiple development programs to continuously enhance employee performance and motivation, establishing Fintrex as a pleasant and safe place to work. The aim is to further develop a conducive environment that supports its workforce and become the most preferred workplace in Sri Lanka.