Fintrex Finance stands tall amongst the “Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka 2022”


Fintrex Finance Limited, an innovative company in the finance industry, continues its winning streak by earning yet another accolade: being ranked amongst the Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka 2022, recently published by the LMD magazine.
In an interview to explore further insights, General Manager/CEO of Fintrex Finance, Mr. Jayathilake Bandara added: ‘Despite current economic challenges, the prudent management approach adopted by the company has resulted in continuous record breaking performances in every aspect of the business. Identifying the opportunities that are looming in the horizon amidst difficult times and concentrating our resources to areas of focus have been the key to our success. “Respect” is something that wouldn’t come by accidentally, and this ranking proves that we have truly lived the legacy.”
Q: How does respect within the workplace help nurture admiration for an organization as an employer of choice?
A: Fintrex is built and operated on “Respect” among its employees and all other stakeholders, and we believe it’s the foundation of our success increasing the productivity and efficiency of an organization. All our employees are aware of the company values and we appreciate employee skills, competencies and achievements. This led to everyone taking more interest in the company and ultimately wanting to become a part of the company's success. 
We were privileged to receive the prestigious certification for being a “Great Workplace” for two successful consecutive years in 2021 and 2022 by the renowned “Great Place To Work” Institute on workplace culture assessment. 
This was a key milestone that reflects our commitment in providing exceptional financial services through nurturing a progressive and approachable work culture, where contributions of all employees are appreciated irrespective of their position in the organization hierarchy, which in turn resulted in our staff providing impeccable service to our clients and becoming an employer of choice.
Q: Does social responsibility continue to be a part of the ‘corporate respect’ equation?
Upon understanding the social responsibility, we have undertaken a number of projects despite the economic challenges and the volatility of the country’s situation. Education being a key driver of sustainable development, we initiated a Schools Empowerment Programme, where the Company has sought to identify and establish long-term, supportive relationships with schools in remote areas that require urgent assistance. We established a complete drinking water supply system which was a dire need of the children at Padaviya Mahasenpura Maha Vidyalaya, Anuradhapura. We also fully refurbished the library at the school and donated stationery and reading material for the use of the school children.
In our continuous commitment to the wellbeing and welfare of children, we recently refurbished the dining and meeting hall of the Vajira Sri Child Development Centre, Pita Kotte in line with the Christmas seasonal celebrations. Over 60 children are being taken care of at the Centre, and we dedicated the Christmas Carol Project to share happiness along these children with a  fun filled Christmas party to enjoy the season.
During the Covid- 19 pandemic outbreak, we partnered with the Ministry of Health to introduce a series of health and safety awareness messages to the general public by fixing specially dedicated hoardings at over 20 strategic locations island wide. These are some of the many ways Fintrex gives back to the nation.
These are few of the projects we engaged in improving the well-being of communities across the nation
Q: How does a corporate’s commitment to continuous innovation help garner respect?
Innovation is one of the core values of Fintrex. As a young player in the country’s finance sector, continuous innovation is the driving force fueling the growth behind the organization; it garnered us to receive the title ‘Fastest Growing Finance Company in Sri Lanka’ at the International Business Magazine Awards for 2021.
Since inception, we continually reinvent our internal procedures in response to what we learn as we do business aiming to provide the customer with a seamless experience and a faster turnaround time. As a result, we have digitized over 90 percent of our processes without compromising the quality of the service or the governance structure. This earned the respect of customers as well as employees and other stakeholders.
We will continue with the expansion strategy approved by the Regulator by opening five new branches during the year provided that the Sri Lankan economy improves and become conducive for branch expansion. Intending to provide improved service to the customers, we plan to relocate some branches to strategic business locations in the respective cities.
Q:  How would you describe Fintrex and its value addition in the society?
Reflecting the company’s potential to create value across a multitude of stakeholder groups, the term ‘Fintrex’ was crafted with a combination of the words ‘financial entrepreneurs’ and ‘experts’. The unique brand identity itself is one of the key attributes of the company. Our vision, mission and values revolve around delivering a customized financial solution to the customers and taking our unique brand identity forward.
Fintrex has an eminent board of directors that includes Messrs. Ajit Gunewardene- Chairman, Ronnie Peiris, Shantanu Nagpal, Ahamed Sabry Ibrahim,Shrihan Perera, Nilam Jayasinghe, and K Sivaskantharajah who are well respected professionals in the corporate arena.
The strategic road map for Fintrex is to embrace technology to improve efficiencies and cater to the emerging business needs and aspirations of modern clients on technology driven platforms. The digitalization of its operations places Fintrex in a position to minimize its environmental footprint to ensure sustainable operations.